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E49 Bruce Chats with Co-hosts, Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks, and Laura Mariko Cheifetz – BRC & Friends Podcast

E49 Bruce Chats with Co-hosts, Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks, and Laura Mariko Cheifetz

E49 Bruce Chats with Co-hosts, Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks, and Laura Mariko Cheifetz
E49 Bruce Chats with Co-hosts, Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks, and Laura Mariko Cheifetz

E49 Bruce Chats with Co-hosts, Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks, and Laura Mariko Cheifetz



Welcome to BRC & Friends, an uplifting podcast where Bruce Reyes-Chow talks with activists, artists, academics, and adventures who are committed to making the world a more thoughtful, loving, and just place. Each episode, Bruce is joined by some awesome co-hosts and guests as they discuss politics, faith, pop-culture, technology, and, as you will discover, pretty much everything that pops into their heads.

Starting off Episode 49, on the right side of the sun with good friends and co-hosts, Amy Kim (pronounced Amy Kim) Kyremes-Parks and Laura Mariko Cheifetz. Amy and Laura have been friends with Bruce for quite some time and have no problem being an open book discussing their memorable childhood smells, sharing personal views regarding sports, and throwing in comedic jabs, which makes this podcast refreshing to tune into. If you wanted to use Amy Kim’s laugh for sound effects, I’m sure you could always hit her up about any inquiries.

Speaking of refreshing, in this Episode, the trio touches on politics in sports and baseball, the mental toll on our children and teens in today’s world, memorable childhood smells, quotable therapy moments, tattoos, and how you shouldn’t go to Orange Theory with your mom. The knowledgeable and welcoming minds the three have, really makes you feel at home in this Episode.

If you don’t know already Bruce Reyes-Chow, is an American Teaching Elder (Pastor) of the Presbyterian Church. Reyes-Chow received his BA in Asian American Studies, Sociology and Religion from San Francisco State University in 1990 and received his Masters of Divinity in 1995 from San Francisco Theological Seminary. He is loved by his wife, Robin, of 31 years and their 3 children. After living 30 years in San Francisco they decided to move to the bouje land of Palo Alto, where they’re still looking for legit Filipino food. If anyone knows good joints, slide into his Dm’s faster than Ross, of Friends, leathers up his pants with lotion.

Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks, serves as Director of Formation for children, youth, and their families at a Presbyterian Church in North Carolina. Loved by her partner Justin, son Isaiah, daughter Natalie and of course two fur babies at home in Asheville, North Carolina. Her contagious laugh stretches all the way back to her hometown Salt Lake City, Utah. If you don’t like white gravy, then Amy just might be your person, click play to see what she has to say about it.

Laura Mariko Cheifetz, not only is she most active on Twitter she is also active in the community as the Assistant Dean of Admissions, Vocation, and Stewardship. Loved by her partner Jessica Vazquez Torres, who is the National Program Manager for Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training and welcomed home by their rescue pup in Nashville, Tennessee. Quickly wanted to point out that Laura is originally from the Pacific Northwest, not Tennessee, where Signal video calls are a common way of communication in her household, while at home. Tune in to find out how she really feels about that.

Thank you for tuning into BRC & Friends, follow, subscribe, and support for more Episodes!

Key Highlights

[05:27] When Bruce, Amy, and Laura first met

[09:30] Memorable Childhood Smells

[12:02] Sports Views

[14:10] Friends with NPR Show and Cartoonist

[17:49] Culty Things and Orange Theory

[19:50] Why people don’t like white gravy, pumpkin spice and Seinfeld

[24:32] Child of God Questions

[28:55] Check your comp-Ass

[30:53] What do you have strong feelings about?

Memorable Quotes

“I’d prefer that you didn’t” – Robin

“If we lose on Saturday, I’m actually depressed on Sunday and I may not be able to come to Church” – Bruce paraphrasing a member of his church

“It’s okay if it’s my fault” – Laura’s Mom

“I’ve become aware that it’s rude to just make fun of people for liking things that I don’t like” – Laura

“You wanna follow someone on Twitter that is the voice of the Prophet crying out in the wilderness, you go find Laura!” – Amy

“Holy Moses” – Bruce

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