E53 Bruce and Amy Kim chat with Gel Cortez

E53 Bruce and Amy Kim chat with Gel Cortez

E53 Bruce and Amy Kim chat with Gel Cortez

On Episode 53 of BRC and Friends, Amy Kim and Bruce are joined by Dr. Angelica “Gel” Cortez. Gel is a strategist, cultural worker, and civic innovator recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s 40 under 40. She is the Founder and Executive Director of LEAD Filipino, a nonprofit that organizes for Filipina/x/o American civic participation, grassroots leadership, and direct action out of San Jose. Since 2015, she has led major campaigns and initiatives to increase the representation of FilAms in public service. 

Gel currently resides in Eastside San Jose and has a damn cute furbaby, Soul, and she jumps right into the banter that is the charm of BRC & Friends. You will hear her passion, thoughtfulness, and sheer disappointment that I did not take Amy Kim to Jollibee’s during her last visit. Amy Kim and I had a great time getting to know her and you will too!

As usual, all the links are in the show notes.

Side note: This is the first of a bunch of episodes featuring Filipino X folks as part of Filipino American HISTORY month, but because I am Filipino you kind of get that every episode. Founded by the Filipino American National History Society, Filipino American History Month focuses on historic events and happenings that have shaped our community not only on the cultural badassery and joy that exists within our community.

Side note two: We had a little mic trouble with Amy Kim, so apologies for that.

Thanks for being here! Grab a beverage, pull up a chair, and enjoy listening to our conversation with Dr. Gel Cortez.




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