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From its 2014 VODcast origins to its current 2022  podcast iteration, BRC & Friends has introduced folks to activists, artists, academics, and adventurers who are making the world a better place. And while the years have seen fits, starts, ebbs, and flows it has remained committed to making visible the complexity and genuine humanity of us all. Not only do guests get to share what they do and what they are passionate about, they are also invited to share more about their life; what has formed them, what brings them joy now, their unexpected interests, and everything in between.

After a few years and about 50 episodes of going solo, in 2022 Bruce got lonely and invited a few friends to be part of a co-host rotation: Laura, Micky, Jorge, and Amy Kim. There was no stringent vetting or intense application process, rather, Bruce invited friends who are thoughtful and compassionate, and he was betting would be hysterical when put in in a “room” together. After a few initial episodes, he was clearly not wrong.  In each episode, Bruce and the guest are joined by a co-host or two as they discuss politics, faith, pop-culture, technology, and, as you will discover, pretty much everything that pops into their heads. 

We do not portend to offer “balanced” opinions on issues of the day so episodes are filled with passionate and unapologetically progressive values while trying not to take ourselves too seriously.  We bring a textured understanding of faith and politics, we toss in a dash of tech and social nerdiness, and we offer plenty of playful joy and loving laughter. In our guest invitations as well as our host voices, we center voice of color and are committed to seeing the world through an intersectional lens.

We are not in this for the drama — laughter and razzing of Bruce, yes, drama not so much.

We attempt to put out a few episodes a month and fund this thing via Patreon. You can see all of the contributors in the show notes for each episode, and you can subscribe and listen to all of the episodes on ItunesSpotify, Google and many other places.

Thanks for stopping, pull up a chair, and welcome to BRC & Friends!

for the nerds

For those who want to know about all of the things used to produce this podcast and website, here is a little-behind-the-scenes for the nerdiest of the bunch. 

The podcast is hosted on Captivate and recorded using Squadcast. Sound editing and show note creation has been done by a few folks using Fiverr. When Bruce has to do sound editing he uses Soundtrap. Audiograms are created using Headliner. Most recording is done using genuine RODE equipment: Podcaster microphone, shock mount, and swing arm.

The website WordPress theme is Resonator and is edited using Elementor and Slide Revolution. The website is hosted on GreenGeeks with security by Securi.

Design is done using Canva with many images purchased from iStock. Color schemes and templates chosen using Coolers.

Note: there are all services that Bruce uses. Some of these links are referral links so should you choose to sign up, Bruce may receive compensation.

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Welcome to BRC & Friends, where you will meet Activists, Adventurers, Academics, and Artists who are all making the world a better place!

Grab a beverage, pull up a chair, and welcome to BRC & Friends!

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